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Dear Customer, Your booking request is waiting to be confirmed.

Give us a few moments to make sure that we’ve got space for you. You will receive another email from us soon. If this request was made outside of our normal working hours, we may not be able to confirm it until we’re open again.

Important information Please note that your table will be held for a maximum of 10 mins. In case of no-show or late arrival, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. Booking Cancellation; You can cancel for free up to 4 hours before your reservation time. If you would like to cancel your booking please call us.

Dear Guests, unfortunately we cannot guarantee if your table will be at the back garden or at the front terrace.

Just to inform you our tables are only available in slots of 2.5 hours at the weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and we will need the table back for the next guests.

Please note,

For reservations for more than 6 people, please call us.

020 8802 0494

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